Maria Rose Music and Munchies

I'm Maria Rose, the founder of Damn Tasty Vegan - For people who love food AND animals (and the planet).

I’m a messy, imperfect vegan who pole dances, practices yoga and loves to swear. Very few things in life are guaranteed, except that you will always find rogue popcorn kernels between my cushions. I'm a food blogger by day and professional musician by night.

Damn Tasty Vegan is for those of you who:

  • Have a little edge to you and don't mind the F word.


  • Are open to learning the ethics of veganism and NOT just to lose weight. A lot of people start out interested in health and learn about the ethics later, which is fine. I did this too.

  • Don't mind an occasional light kick in the ass to go or stay vegan. I believe in progress, not perfection :)

  • OR....are on the fence about veganism and want to incorporate more vegan meals into your life. Maybe you'll go vegan later, but right now it scares the hell out of you.


  • Are interested in going or staying vegan but you can never live up to the super polished, colon cleansing, healthy AF, wheatgrass perfection that is often portrayed.

If you vibe with all of that, this is your fucking tribe!

To me, a full, enriched life includes DAMN TASTY food, good music and great company. I believe veganism should be approached in the same way: As a celebration of LIFE!

If you want to go vegan, but are afraid because you just LOVE food and are afraid that you’ll be “missing out”, I’m here for you.

I will show you how abundant and delicious a vegan lifestyle can be.




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    I decided to start DDV when I noticed all I could talk about was a new book on nutrition I had read or a vegan recipe I couldn’t wait to try.

    I was bursting with knowledge and passion and the only person I was talking to about it, non-stop, was my husband. He is the most patient person I’ve ever known, but even he has his limits.

    After seeing his eyes glaze over for the last time, I decided to have mercy and expand my reach and share this knowledge on this blog.

    This community is not about perfection, but about progress. Even if you progress slowly (it took me years). You can help change the planet one vegan meal at a time.

    When you visit Damn Tasty Vegan, you are a part of this inspiring, fun community of vegans who will NEVER make you feel guilty about eating that second slice of vegan cheesecake.

    Honestly, sometimes it sucks being vegan in a non-vegan world. It can be super sad and depressing, knowing how much everyone suffers from the abuses of animal agriculture, but most people refuse to get their heads out of their asses and the meat out of their mouths (hey, you can still put “other” kinds of meat in your mouth, but it has to be consensual….wink wink)

    This site should be your fun respite from the non-vegan world. I want you to feel like you belong and are reminded why veganism enriches your life and is FUCKING AWESOME.

    Veganism is the best thing we can do at the moment for the animals, the planet and our health (if we eat a mostly whole foods, plant-based diet). I truly believe this and I want to help as many people as I can find their way to this lifestyle.

    I hope this blog gets you excited about vegan cooking, inspires you to think about your food choices, and who they affect, and satisfies your tastebuds with some damn delicious food.

    Let’s inspire each other to enjoy our food and live with compassion for every living being.