Toronto Vegan Food & Drink Festival

This past summer (summer of 2017)  I took a little solo road trip to Toronto.  I live in Michigan so it was the perfect weekend trip. I used to live in Chicago and Boston and I'm in love with big cities.  It felt so good to be back in the hustle, bustle, energy and diversity of a big city.  I love Toronto's LGBTQ friendly and progressive vibe as well. 

I rented an Airbnb with an amazing rooftop view of the city.  They even had a hot tub....


I then wandered the city and people-watched.  It's an introverts favorite thing to do, after all. As I was walking around, I found a bright neon sign that said "Rock and Roll Wrestling Show @ 8pm"  It was 7pm and a few blocks away.  I thought, "what the hell, this is something totally new, fuck it, let's go" so I went. I had just finished the series "Glow" on netflix and that sparked my interest in wrestling.  I had such a blast.  The crowd got so involved chanting things, singing, booing, cheering, it was so fun. 


I will definitely be visiting Toronto again. This time, I'll take the train since I honestly hate driving and I'm always trying to get other people to drive me around.  It's always good to take a trip by yourself. You really get to see how well you do by yourself.  I'm pretty good at being a loner and entertaining myself so it was great!  Until next time, Toronto!


The Vegan food and Drink Fest wasn't until Saturday, so I had a day to wander the city.  My first destination?  Doomies, of course.  They specialize in vegan diner type food.  Burgers, chicken and waffles, cheese sticks and the sort.  It was AMAZING.  


Saturday arrived and I headed to the Vegan food and drink festival.  It was absolutely packed and I loved it!  All these people open to veganism.  I got to see one of my favorite YouTubers, Lauren Toyota of Hot for food. Check out her channel.  I ate some amazing vegan dumplings, curry and got to pet some of the sweetest dogs.  I realized how much I craved being around like-minded people.  In my every day life, I feel like I have to shut off part of my brain to function in a world that runs on so much animal cruelty.  It was nice to unthaw that part of myself and to be surrounded by people that "get it".