Meat eaters love vegan ham! Tofurky Vegetarian Ham Style Roast Review

Tofurky vegetarian ham style roast review


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    For Easter, I convinced my parents to let us have an all vegan dinner.  Yes,  I'm that charming.  Actually they're just really cool and supportive

    I used to love ham as a child. I would revel in its perfect balance of salty, sweet, fatty deliciousness.  Once I made the connection that pigs are smarter than dogs and they live in cages where they can't even turn around and end up chewing  at the metal bars out of boredom, I couldn't put another bite in my mouth

    So, I learned to live without it.  But, thanks to the amazing vegan products hitting the shelves and so many different brands of vegan bacon, and "pork" products, we don't have to sacrifice taste or an animals life.  Win Win!

     Enter the Tofurkey vegetarian ham style roast.  This guy was absolutely delicious.  Our  dinner guests were all meat eaters, some being tried and true avid meat-eaters.  We live in Michigan where hunting and fishing are second nature to many of us.  One of which, my father in law,  Freddy is a meat fanatic.  He's Swiss German and loves his sausages, tripe (cow stomach), veal, you name it, he'll eat it (except for spam, the man has limits).  

    Tofurky vegetarian ham style roast review

    Before Freddy had a bite, he complained that "they should not call it ham, they should call it imitation ham."  He took a very small piece on his plate to taste test it first. By the end of the night he had gone back for refills three times and was licking his fingers as he devoured the last pieces out of the bowl.  

    Tofurky vegetarian ham style roast

    This roast is a winner.  Everyone approved.  We especially loved the beer glaze that goes on top of it.  It added a really delicious sweet, salty taste to it.  The only negative thing about the roast is that the color is a little off.  It looks a bit orange.  But the glaze saves it.   I even imagine ham and mustard sandwiches with vegan cheese the next day if we hadn't eaten it all.  

    This comes out at select times during the December holiday season and then the spring holiday seasons.  Be sure to stock up the next time you see it hitting the shelves. 

    I brought over the Tofurky ham style roast for our easter family and friends dinner and it was a hit!!! Everyone there was a meat-eater except for my boyfriend Beni and me. My parent's are really open-minded and supportive of me, so they were all about a vegan easter dinner.